Jelena Somogyi and Mario Medvedec tango are professional tango argentino dancers, performers, innovators of special tango argentino cultural and artistic programmes / events, maestros and TDJ. They run weekly group classes, monthly specialised workshops, private classes, give performances, travel for teaching and more.  

They are innovator of dance communication programs for improving life and tango skills (PokreTTAngo, TangoZavrk and ...). 


They have the ability to adapt the idea on innovation way so that students can understand and apply the material in any segment. 

They finish with the tips on musicality, also offering, accepting, creating idea of the movement and how we can express ourselvesas individuals and in pairs. In this way the dancers tango argentino of all levels should be able to take a certain part of the lesson with them and are encouraged to evolve. 

They are making an effort to approach each student and couple individually. Having and transmitting a clear idea and changing it in some moments is extremely important. 

An important part of the dance is belief in the aesthetics and should not be neglected. When we start to feel comfortable with the movement in body and mind, we can focus on the beauty of its external shape for us and then with person with whom we are creating tango story. Changing the phrases and essence of movement and motion can bring great diversity in the dance. Even in the simplest movements. This again enables us to interpret many different music with the awareness of motion optimization and mutual communication. 

Dancers as equals in the couple and they both contribute to the dance equally. 

Communication goes both ways.  By suggesting, understanding and sharing a movement inspired by each other on the music we are both actively and willingly participating in the creating dance story.   


About our group classes 

 Do I need to have a partner? 

You don't need to have a partner to attend any of our group lessons. Most people tend to come alone and gradually they get to meet people in the classes. During each one of our classes, we ask students to change partners, so that everyone dances with everyone. 



What if I have a partner already? 


If you bring your own partner and wish to dance only with him or her, please let us know and we will not ask you to change partner against your wish. To achieve best results in your learning, it is highly recommended to dance with different partners. Dancing with only one partner can sometimes lead to you adapting to his or her bad habits. Changing partners also contributes to the social aspect and greater atmosphere in the classes and YOU can grow as well as dancers. 

Will there be even numbers? 


Well, this is something that often happens anyway, however, we can't guarantee it, as the nature of the group classes means that numbers may vary. What we can guarantee however, is that you will always be fully engaged in the lesson, regardless of numbers, or ratio of male and female students. If the numbers are not even, you will be encouraged to take advantage of that and to have a go on studying the opposite role, which is one of the complementary ways to really understand this dance. 

Is it possible to choose whether to lead or follow in the class?  

Normally, you will learn a bit of both anyway, especially in the beginner and technique classes. When we learn complex movement, we try to stick to the leader/follower roles, and don't ask otherwise unless the person is at an intermediate or advanced level or it is task to better understand the idea and concept of the movement and its logic. 

How important is it for the follower to know leading skills and otherwise?  


Important is to understand the basic principles and clear communication.


How important is it for the leader to know how to follow?  

It is extremely important. We encourage leaders to try all the moves as a follower, whether with the teacher or with another, ideally more experienced leader and to continuously investigate both roles so they can express clearly, see their own options, to see the options from a more point of view, be more aware of the optimum idea and necessity of change with the optimum movement and clear communication. 


How important is it for the leader to know how to follow? 

It is extremely important. We encourage leaders to try all the moves as a follower, whether with the teacher or with another, ideally more experienced leader and to continuously investigate both roles so they can express clearly, see their own options, to see the options from a more point of view, be more aware of the optimum idea and necessity of change with the optimum movement and clear communication. 

Is there an age limit for Tango?  


Absolutely not, anyone can learn, just not at the same speed. It is however not about how long it takes to learn Tango but about the quality of learning and enjoying the experience.


Do I need previous dance experience to attend a beginner class? 

Absolutely not. Our beginner classes are open to everyone. 

 Do I have to start on any specific date? 


No, our beginner classes are circular, which means that you can start any time of the year on any of the three evenings when we run beginner classes. You don't have to come to the same evening of the week either. 


 How many beginner classes should I attend? 

There is no specific recommendation. The more the better, ideally more than once a week. You should attend beginner classes for as long as you feel that you are learning and improving your fundamental technique. Since our beginner classes are not commercial in nature, but quite focused on achieving a good understanding of basic technique, and we have very efficient methods of teaching them, we advise even our advance students to come to our beginner classes whenever they can and they always have an inspiring experience. You have sessions at three levels. 

How do I know what session to attend?  
  • If you are complete beginner 
    Naturally, you will start with attending beginner classes first. After a certain number of beginner lessons, you will be able to also join the technique classes and we will typically advise you when that should be. If you are a recent beginner, or an experienced dancer in another style We still recommend that you start by taking a few of our excellent beginner classes so that we can make sure that you have good foundations first. 

  • If you are at any point in your Tango learning 
    You can join our technique classes, as they are suitable for all levels, regardless of the number of years that you have studying tango without fear that you will do things you already know. Our technique classes are at the same time challenging as well as very accessible. If you are not sure if you qualify for our Intermediate/advance class, then you should come to our technique class first and we will advise you. 

  • If you have done Tango before but not for some time 
    It is always best to start again from the beginner level and brush up your fundamentals. 

When and where are your classes held?  

Our classes are held in the centre of Zagreb, mostly. Our students love it and feel very comfortable there, as we have a room for refreshing during your break of class and tango evening. You can bring your own to share or not. But also order ours. Tea and water are always free. Please concat us for our weekly class schedule, lesson prices and more information on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.+385 98 950 2738 or CONCAT FORM FROM WEB PLACES.  


How easy is to get to you? 

Our venue is at equal distance (about 12 min walk) the main square and the railway station and the bus station (about 30 min walk). 


Do you only do open classes or do you have some Tango courses as well? 

We have open classes and courses. We also run specialized topical workshops on s Friday, Saturday and Sunday that allow you to study different subjects in dept.  


Do I need to book group classes in advance? 


No, it is not necessary, as you can also pay at the door for either a single class of a block. 


 What is your teaching style about? 


We are dedicated to giving students strong technical foundation, from which they can develop their own personal style.  


Do you teach Milonga and Vals? 

Yes, of course. We typically teach Milonga or Vals, once a week in our Intermediate/advance classes.  

Do you teach children?


Yes we have special program. 


How long does it take to learn Tango? 

This is not possible to quantify, as everyone is different in their approach to learning and their learning ability. As a very rough guide, it takes around five years to become a confident tango dancer and ten years to master it. However, even after ten years you will be able to continue learning if you wish to. 

 Private classes   
What is the quickest way to learn Tango?  


By far the most efficient way to learn is to take private lessons, if not continuously, at least periodically.  


When and where are you available for private lessons?  


We teach private lessons in centre of Zagreb or at your own place if required. Lessons can be taken with Jelena, Mario or both, if required. 


Do I need to book the classes in advance?  

Yestypically one week in advance is fine if you are taking the class for the first time, howeversometimes we also have last minute availability. 


Do you have discounts on private lessons? 


Yes, if you purchase a block of 4 lessons for 90 minutes. 

 When can I go dancing? 


Going to dance will happen at different stage for different peoplebasicallywhen you are ready for itWhat determines thatThis is different for leaders and followers but in principle, at least when you become sufficiently confident aboutyour posture and balanceembraceconnectionbasic musicalitynavigationthe walk (in both systems and inside and outside), crosses (in both systems), basic pivots (forward and backin both systems), reboundschange of direction. 


 How do I know if I am ready?  The best way of checking for both leaders and followers is by taking a private lesson. You will be given all the necessary advice on how to approach your social dance immersion. 
Do you organise events and when? 

For all our events, please visit our home web page. 

Are you available to perform in an event or teach as guest?  


Normally yes, however, that depends only if we are available on that date but please do email us with your enquiry and we will be happy to discuss your idea. 


Tango holidays

Do you organise Tango holidays? 

Every year we organise at least one Intensive summer tango school with practicas, milonga, dinner for participant and as required 

Guest teaching    
Are you available to teach for us as a guest teacher? 

We love visiting new towns and meeting new studentssowe are open to your invitation...but as alwaysour availability depends on the date. Please email us with your proposal and we will be happy to consider it.